SPACE AGE LEVIATHAN - A being not exactly of this world, driven by the passion for change, fearing not of failure; sent to unlock the potential in you that you did not know existed. His arduous path in time was not chosen or wished for, it was ordained by fate of the only Supreme Being of our Universe, GOD the ALMIGHTY! The mission is to make you dance carefree, workout even harder, and live life to its fullest; all while being securely planted in this current plane of existence we call [life]. It is impossible to formulate a description for a SPACE AGE LEVIATHAN using simple words such as “who” or “what” because it is more intricate than the definitions of those two words.

Think FAZEAK, a more powerful way to describe the phenomenon. To greater reference FAZEAK, imagine an experience of music that reaches the outer edges of the solar system. FAZEAK embodies music and influences the audience’s physical body to perfect its physique - his very essence opens the star gate to do anything you set your mind to. FAZEAK as a brand pushes boundaries of audio and visual artistry, which will eventually push you to the outer boundaries of your own intergalactic gateway. The compositions of frequencies that are embedded in the electronic wave of sounds seem to entice your chakra. The multi-level transitions will prepare you to move your soul, just as the ancient philosophy goes- “what moves the soul, moves the body!”

It is this SPACE AGE train of thought that pushes your being to crave for its maximum threshold whether in the gym or the club; thus, allowing you to unleash and become a true “FAZEAK-FREAK”.

Let’s FREAK the Universe up…One pulse at a time!

" Happy Tweeting. Welcome 2012! "


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